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Subwoofer Pride LP 15" 450 W
Subwoofer Pride LP 15" 450 W
Subwoofer for car audio lovers. Fair 450 W power, secure the movable part and the great accessories. Manual Assembly as well as all production subwoofers and acoustics in Russia.
Technical feature
RMS 450 W
X Max (BL 50%) 16 mm one way
Re Ω 3,3 ohm
Fs 29,5 Hz
Qts 0,7
Sd 819 cm²
Vas 91,8 L
BL 14,8
Sens (1W/1m) 87,8 dB
Sens (2.83Vrms/1m) 91,5 dB
Impedance 2+2 Ohm
Physical feature
Magnet's material High-quality ferrite rings
Magnet's weight 2650 g
Frame material Steel
Voice coil description High temperature copper voice coil with the diameter 2,5 inch
Diameter of the mounting hole 354 mm
Mounting Depth 168 mm
Operating conditions
Humidity up to 90%
Storage temperature -20 to 50 °C
Operating temperature +5 to +40 °C
1 year
Width: 0 cm
Height: 0 cm
Depth: 0 cm
Weight: 0 kg
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