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T Series Update
A few trifles of the new generation T
Friday, July 29, 2016
T Series Update

- 2mm thick steel disc presses the centering washers

- The holes for the acoustic cable are made in the form of an ellipse, which further increased the cross-section of the inlet

- A package of 5 progressive centering washers made of NOMEX material perfectly controls the moving part on the whole amplitude

Briefly about the updates - Pride BB.3
What changed? - All.
Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Briefly about the updates - Pride BB.3

As in the updated Junior, the updated BB.3 uses a control signal ring. This element of the construction increases the area of ​​the adhesive seam and the reliability of the product as a whole.

4 centering washers, made by us from a material called NOMEX, are the basic option. They allow you to perfectly control the moving part of the speaker with a massive copper voice coil, which is only positive for the sound.

The specialty of this line: the range is 25-50Hz, since even a 12-inch speaker after a warm-up has an Fs of 25Hz.

Pride Junior. Update series.
We do not stand still, we constantly test and improve our products. This time, the changes have touched the Junior series. Due to several innovations the speaker became even more reliable and qualitative. In the order of changes.
Friday, July 8, 2016
Pride Junior. Update series.

1. Dust cover.

The dust cover is made of pressed paper, which, having a lower weight, is more durable than its plastic counterpart. Another obvious plus is that the adhesion of the paper cap to the paper diffuser is significantly better than that of the plastic one, which also affects the quality of the product for the better. Also should be noted a brand logo, executed in the form of an embossing, having a silver color.

2. Voice coil.

Changes have touched on the materials of manufacture, namely the paper frame of the voice coil. In the lower subwoofers we use Nomex paper, it is much stronger than conventional analogues, you could see it on our coils made in the USA. This will minimize the disruption of the washer relative to the frame due to exceeding the stroke.