Pride Junior. Update series.

We do not stand still, we constantly test and improve our products. This time, the changes have touched the Junior series. Due to several innovations the speaker became even more reliable and qualitative. In the order of changes.
Friday, July 8, 2016
Pride Junior. Update series.

1. Dust cover.

The dust cover is made of pressed paper, which, having a lower weight, is more durable than its plastic counterpart. Another obvious plus is that the adhesion of the paper cap to the paper diffuser is significantly better than that of the plastic one, which also affects the quality of the product for the better. Also should be noted a brand logo, executed in the form of an embossing, having a silver color.

2. Voice coil.

Changes have touched on the materials of manufacture, namely the paper frame of the voice coil. In the lower subwoofers we use Nomex paper, it is much stronger than conventional analogues, you could see it on our coils made in the USA. This will minimize the disruption of the washer relative to the frame due to exceeding the stroke.

3. Protective-signaling element.

The main positive point of the innovation is an increase in the area of ​​the adhesive seam connecting the voice coil with the centering washer. Compared to the previous version, the area of ​​the glue line is 200% larger. Also, if the move of the mobile system is exceeded, there will be signs on the signal element indicating that the user has made serious errors in operation. This element is located below, under the centering washer.

4. Centering washers.

We made certain changes to the centering washers, conducted a four-day stress test of the speakers during the course of 140% (more than 50 mm in total) without pauses and breaks in non-stop mode.

5. Acoustic terminals.

The plastic holder of the acoustic terminals is now made of thicker plastic, which gives it greater reliability. Also, the holes in the acoustic terminals are enlarged in cross section, which allows the user to use an acoustic cable with a large cross section.

6. Packing boxes of speakers.

Inside each cardboard box, the speaker will be protected from external influences by foam plastic lodges protecting the suspension of the speaker and its magnetic system. This will avoid problems caused by improper handling of goods in the terminals of the TC.

7. Documentation.

The necessary documentation has been added to the speakers - Operation manual and warranty card. In the manual you can find answers to most questions from beginners. The warranty card has a barcode, a similar barcode is located on the speaker basket.