Briefly about the updates - Pride BB.3

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Briefly about the updates - Pride BB.3

As in the updated Junior, the updated BB.3 uses a control signal ring. This element of the construction increases the area of ​​the adhesive seam and the reliability of the product as a whole.

4 centering washers, made by us from a material called NOMEX, are the basic option. They allow you to perfectly control the moving part of the speaker with a massive copper voice coil, which is only positive for the sound.

The specialty of this line: the range is 25-50Hz, since even a 12-inch speaker after a warm-up has an Fs of 25Hz.

In addition to the adhesive layer, the suspension flange is threaded, to give additional strength and aesthetic appearance.

Pride BB.3 is designed for a linear stroke of 50mm, while the critical mark on the offset will be the value of ~ 70mm.

If we talk about the possibilities of dynamics in terms of power input, then the reference point for fans is 1200W, for professionals 1500W.

The magnetic system is tightened by three screws of high strength, the centering washers around the perimeter are fixed with a metal ring with a wall thickness of 2 mm.

Another small but pleasant change is the rather massive plastic holder of the spring acoustic terminals and the enlarged openings in them, capable of receiving large acoustical wires.

Thus, Pride BB.3 has become even more reliable and durable, while remaining affordable.