T Series Update

A few trifles of the new generation T
Friday, July 29, 2016
T Series Update

- 2mm thick steel disc presses the centering washers

- The holes for the acoustic cable are made in the form of an ellipse, which further increased the cross-section of the inlet

- A package of 5 progressive centering washers made of NOMEX material perfectly controls the moving part on the whole amplitude

- A new multilayer firm suspension of the speaker boosts output in the 45-60Hz range (25-45Hz a priori pride of PRIDE)

- The most durable in the world dust cap made of carbon, installed serially on a mass product, is the basic option for Tv.3

- An additional control and signal element, which significantly increases the area of ​​the adhesive seam and increases the reliability of the product in times of extreme overloads

- The magnetic system (MS) PRIDE Tv.3 is tightened with three high-strength screws. This avoids a lot of problems in the process of "rough" transportation (negligent attitude of loaders to the goods), errors in the process of installation and operation (accidental impacts by parts of the MS on the mounting surfaces), etc.

- Favorite from all times since PRIDE Tv.2 high-temperature voice coil from our supplier from the US with a winding height of more than 70mm