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Manufacturing Technologies
Lead Wires

One of the main criteria our product follows is excessive durability. We have to assure the quality of every main component, that comes out of our production line

Manually attaching the lead wires to the spiders we are getting necessarily guaranteed level of fixation. This is what will help you to prevent wires from their breakage and short circuit

High-quality Magnets

Two main components in our Magnetic assemblies are: ferrite and neodymium. The top level sources, which are used in manufacturing process, give the maximum of productivity in the particular size category for our users

High-accuracy alignment of the voice coil in the magnetic gap

We are paying special attention to the precise (+0.05mm) sitting of the voice coil in the magnetic gap during the final assembling. By using this method, you are able to reach balanced work of the movable part, even in the moments of extreme loads

Precise made centre of the upper Magnet Gap

alignment of the upper Magnet Gap relatively to the core allows to distribute the induction equally in the Magnet Gap. In turn, this gives warranty of the reliability in the equal power influence on the voice coil

Foamed Surround

Understanding the fact, that the moving part of speaker is exposed to extremely high mechanical and climate loads, we decided to use only high-quality foam, during the production of surrounds for our products

Pressed Diffuser

Diffusers, which are used in our manufacturing, have specific advantages for the High-level products. The paper is pressed by the enormous weight and is saturated in the special chemical liquid, which gives an extra resistance to the high mechanical impacts and high humidity levels, which is usual for the local climate in Russia

Squandered Material

An important nuance while producing the PRIDE products is the quality of used materials. A positive result is formed by little things and these little thing like solder, flux, cleansers we are purchasing from USA and Singapore providers, who have veteran experience already

Specific Glues

We believe that if you are working on the quality of product, you have to work not only on one thing, instead you have to think on multipurpose quality. Guided by this thought, from the first moment we decided to use specific glue mixtures for every unit of our Subwoofer speakers. For the units, which can be exposed to heat we will use heat-resistant glues. For the "flexible" units we apply glues with increased elasticity. Every customer can be 100% sure in our product

Extra special fasteners for the subassembly

Toughness of the mechanical bond is determined by the quality of the fasteners elements. So, we made a choice for the reinforced fasteners with the higher robustness coefficient

High temperature varnish and glue inside the Voice Coils

Voice coil - is the most exposed to the load part inside the Subwoofer. This part is responsible for being able to receive thousands of Watts of power or sometimes even tens of thousands. The energy conversion efficiency of the speaker is not exceeding a couple of percents and almost all power is turning into the heat. In this way, we were must to build a voice coil from the reliable materials, which would still function properly under extreme conditions like the heat. The solution for this problem was found in one of the biggest factories in the United States. We are filling in our speakers with the best-quality voice coils in the world

Quality control

Every assembled speaker, which goes on the racks, are going through a series of tests: visual check, checking the functioning on the sinus and other necessary procedures. Purchase products only with the real authentic brand and quality control signs